Cimstone Quartz Worktops

Cimstone is one of the best known brands of kitchen worktop and is made using the process developed by the Breton company of Italy.

Cimstone quartz worktops are made from quartz which is mined then pulverised to a powder and mixed with polyester resins which results in a material of extreme hardness and durability that is also totally stain resistant. Added to the mix are a range of colourings together with the unique brand of adornments created by Cimstone which may include brass filings, mirror or glass fragments, basalt and even sea shells which combine to give a wonderful decorative effect.

cimstone quartz worktops

All of the mirror or glass used is recycled and even the water used in the factory is recycled, which makes Cimstone quartz worktops most environmentally friendly. Because Cimstone worktops are non-porous it means that they cannot stain. Spills and splashes such as butter, beetroot, red wine, vinegar, lemon juice, coffee and even nail polish remover which can cause considerable staining to materials like marble or granite will simply sit on the surface of Cimstone until they are wiped off.

Its lack of porosity also makes Cimstone quartz extremely hygienic. Bacteria, viruses, moulds and microbes simply cannot get a foothold and breed. It is for this reason that Cimstone is often used in catering establishments, hospitals, doctors surgeries and the like and was actually chosen by the Tetley Tea Company for its tasting laboratories where it has been in use for nearly three years without a mark.

cimstone quartz

The worktops are also highly impact resistant. It is probably not a good idea to drop a cast iron pan on to the surface from a height, but even if that should happen the Cimstone worktop is unlikely to suffer any damage. In addition, the worktops are heat resistant. While it is always a good thing to use a trivet or heat pad, a hot pan straight off the cooker will probably not cause any harm.

Cimstone quartz worktops are available in a range of over 70 colours so there is bound to be something to please everyone.