Compac Quartz Worktops

The quartz used in Compac quartz worktops is mined and then crushed and pulverised to a fine powder. After that it is mixed with polyester resins and colouring giving a finished product that is extremely hard wearing and totally non-porous. It is super hygienic, being completely resistant to bacteria, moulds and other pathogens which are simply unable to get a foothold and breed. For this reason Compac quartz worktops are often specified for use in hospitals, dental surgeries, laboratories and catering establishments where hygiene is of paramount importance.

cimstone quartz worktops


Compac quartz worktops cannot stain. Unlike other materials such as marble and granite which are subject to staining from a range of foods and liquids – lemon juice, red wine, butter, strawberries, beetroot and so on – Compac quartz simply shrugs off any such spills without a murmur.
Because it is a cold material Compac quartz is ideal for rolling out pastry and dough. When done, simply wipe off any flour on to a plate and then take a damp cloth to the surface: two minutes and your Compac worktop is sparkling like brand new again.


cimstone quartz

Compac quartz is also impact resistant. You should try not to drop a cast iron pan on it from a height, but it would still probably do no harm. Really the only way to damage it is to attack it with a hammer. Another advantage is that Compac quartz worktops are pretty much heat resistant as well. While it is always best practice to use a trivet or heat pad, Compac quartz won’t mind too much if you place a hot pan on it for a few moments. All things considered, a Compac quartz worktop is one of the finest investments you could make for your new kitchen.