Silestone Quartz Worktops

Silestone, based in Spain, is a major manufacturer of quartz worktops. Indeed, it leads the market in the US where it has over 3,500 retail outlets throughout the country. Of all the hard materials known to man, quartz comes fourth after diamond, sapphire and topaz. When used for worktops it is mined and then ground by machinery into a fine powder and mixed with various polyester resins and colourings. The mix is poured into moulds to form slabs which are then subjected to a special process which involves pressure of 100 tons. Finally, each slab is cured under heat at 90 C for three quarters of an hour and then polished.



Silestone Quartz Worktops Have Antimicrobial Properties

Silestone also add a product into the mix called microban which is a trademarked antimicrobial compound that fights bacteria. As a result the hygiene properties of Silestone quartz worktops make them sought after for use in hospitals, dental surgeries, catering outlets and other establishments where hygiene is of the utmost importance.
As they are non-porous Silestone quartz worktops are impervious to spills and splashes. Some materials such as granite and marble can suffer staining quite easily from common foods and liquids such as oil, butter, red wine, coffee, tea and so on whereas Silestone worktops remain completely unaffected.

silestone quartz worktops


Silestone Quartz Colour Range

Silestone quartz worktops come in a huge range of colours which means that you will always find one that will fit in with the colour scheme of your kitchen. Since they are non-porous they are also virtually maintenance free which cannot be said for some other worktop materials. A quick wipe over with a damp cloth is usually all they need, although if something like an egg yolk has dried on it might need the attention of a kitchen scourer.

Chopping vegetables on the surface is probably not the best thing to do since you may well damage your knife blade rather than the Silestone. Even hot pans from the cooker or hob are very unlikely to do any harm, although best practice is always to use a trivet or heat pad. When choosing a Silestone quartz worktop you need to be certain that you are happy with the colour since it is going to be in your kitchen for a very long time.